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Assessing climate-led social-ecological impacts and opportunities for resilient pathways in the EU bioeconomy

BIOCLIMAPATHS Stakeholder consultation on climate hazard risks in the Bioeconomy

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19 March 2021


BIOCLIMAPATHS aims to better understand impacts of climate change in future societies that have adopted bioeconomy as a substantial pillar of their economy. Bioeconomy will help slowing down climate change but – as the central topic in this project – farmers, supply chains, households and governments may become more exposed to climate hazard related shocks in the supply and prices of food and non-food biobased resources.

In this context, the BIOCLIMAPATHS consortium develops a cross-sectoral, modeling framework for risk assessments of bioeconomy transitions subject to climate hazard impacts.


Please register before 17 March 2021. The workshop is fully virtual using the Zoom software. 

Topics: Risk