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Imani Bahati/Unsplash

Building Resilience to Climate-Security Risks in the Sahel – Insights from Research and Practice

The webinar took place during the 2022 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, hosted by SIPRI, focusing on the theme ‘From a Human Security Crisis Towards an Environment of Peace’.


23 May 2022

09:00 - 10:15 CET



This expert discussion event aimed to provide practical and policy solutions to better manage transboundary climate-related security risks in the Sahel, and to deepen understanding of resilience-building against such risks by governing and civil society actors at multiple levels – local, national, and regional.

This webinar was jointly organised by ECDPM, together with GIZ, MercyCorps and the SPARC Programme (ODI). 


  • Dr. Hanne Knaepen, Head of Climate and Green Transition Workstream


  • Dr. Emmanuel Seck, Programme Coordinator at Enda Energie
  • Boubacar Abdou Boko, Energy, Water, Infrastructure Expert, GIZ
  • Wise Nzikie Ngasa, Justice and Resilience Program Director, Mercy Corps Mali
  • Maëlle Salzinger, Research Assistant, Peace, security & resilience and Inclusive governance programmes, ECDPM