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CASCADES simulation presented to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

The Centre for Systems Solutions (CRS) was invited to run a Cascading Climate Impacts simulation session for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), Switzerland. CRS originally developed the simulation for CASCADES.

Strategic Simulation

19 May 2020

In the simulation, participants travel to the future of the year 2027. They assume the roles of the representatives of various countries and organisations responsible for global safety and well-being. In these roles, they discuss and react to the current affairs on an online platform for policy professionals, designed for CASCADES.

Participants are confronted with the scenario of dramatic events caused by the climate crisis: global agriculture crisis leading to trade and supply chain disruptions, security issues, financial crash. The participants also take part in a series of summits where they are asked to give their advice regarding the propositions for counteracting the emerging crises.

To adjust the simulation for the adelphi-led workshop, CRS modified the contents of the Cascading Climate Impacts to bring forward topics critical to the participants. CRS also highlighted the Swiss perspective on the featured issues. 

The session was organised by adelphi.