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Third Meeting of the Management Board

The third project and full consortium meeting, originally planned to take place in Venice, was held online.

Management Meeting

8 October 2020-9 October 2020

09:00 - 17:00



  • The discussion in the General Assembly focused on the impact of Covid-19 on the CASCADES project, CASCADES’ participation in ECCA21, and the cooperation between CASCADES and its sister project ‘RECEIPT’. Several administrative and budgetary issues were also discussed. 
  • The first plenary session focused on Policy Coherence. Liviu Stirbat, Deputy head of unit of the EU DG Climate Action Adaptation Unit, initiated the discussion by holding a key-note speech on the European Green Deal and the European policy context, in which CASCADES operates. James Mackie from ECDPM then presented his policy brief on policy coherence (‘ Lessons learned from Policy Coherence for development in the EU’) and Paula Kivimaa shared the current state of the CASCADES Policy Analysis Framework. 
  • Each Work Package gave a short status update, outlining planned analysis and research, and what results that were expected to be achieved in the near term.
  • In the third plenary session, the final versions of the Conceptual Framework and Scenario Framework were presented by Tim Carter, Stefan Fronzek, Chris West, Christopher Reyer and the team of WP2. Specific requests, applications and data exchange were discussed in several break-out groups in the late afternoon.
  • On the final day of the meeting, the consortium discussed upcoming Work Package 4 regional workshops and the Core and Thematic Workshops scheduled for the autumn of 2021. The regional workshops will, to a large extent, take place online. The European Core and Thematic Workshop will take place in late September 2021.