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Cascading climate risk: what can Sweden do?


12 September 2023

British Embassy Stockholm, Skarpögatan 6, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden

The impacts of COVID and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have sent shockwaves through international supply chains, and across sectors. As similar “cascading” risks are expected to result from climate change – the event focuses on what these risks are, and how Swedish and European actors can build resilience.

Discussion points can include:

  • Examples of how extreme weather events abroad have disrupted Swedish supply chains.
  • Comments on how the private sector is identifying and managing climate risks in supply chains.
  • Views on how the changing geopolitics of trade might affect the resilience of Swedish industry.
  • Thoughts on how Swedish business could or should work with Swedish government and EU to build resilience to future climate shocks.
  • Professor Tim Benton, Research Director and Director of the Environment and Society Centre, Chatham House
  • Therese Sjöberg, Swedish Expert Council on Climate Adaptation
  • Magnus Benzie, Senior Research Fellow, SEI
  • Nina Ekelund, Executive Director, Hagainitiativet 
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