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Policy implications of Arctic cross-border climate change impacts


30 May 2023

University of Helsinki, Language Centre, Fabianinkatu 26, Helsinki, Finland

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Climate change amplifies existing risks and vulnerabilities in a globalised world. New risks are also emerging from complex cross-sectoral and multi-dimensional interactions that aggregate gradually, and sometimes emerge abruptly. The Arctic region is exceptionally affected by these risks, with warming rates higher than anywhere else. The changes caused by climate change are visible in, for example, the  melting of sea-ice and glaciers, changes in flora and fauna and permafrost thaw affecting access to and exploitation of natural resources, traditional livelihoods and transport routes.

These impacts of climate change interact with other changes such as the increasing demand for natural resources and the shift towards renewable energy. This also means that the effects of the impacts cross borders and can have long-term chain reactions around the world. This event will concentrate especially on cross-border effects that need to be recognised in policies for security and international relations, energy production, trade and financial markets and the protection of the Arctic environment and its people.

The event will use an innovative approach based on a policy simulation in which participants will have an active role in reflecting on possible futures and actions. More information and detailed instruction will follow. An example of how the policy simulation is carried out can be found here.

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