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Austrian banks’ exposure to climate-related transition risk

Research Paper

Published on 10 November 2020

Author(s): Stefano Battiston, Martin Guth, Irene Monasterolo, Benjamin Neudorfer, Wolfgang Pointner

Climate change poses several risks to the value of financial assets and to financial stability. In this study, we estimate the exposure of the Austrian banking sector to climate risks that might arise from a disorderly transition to a carbon-neutral economy. To this end, we identify climate policy-relevant sectors (CPRSs), i.e. sectors which are particularly sensitive to these transition risks, and match that information with granular data of outstanding credits and bonds held by Austrian banks. We find that the Austrian banking sector’s direct exposure to CPRSs is comparable with banks’ exposure in other countries and relevant to financial supervision. As some banks are particularly exposed to climate transition risk, both banks and supervisors should take this risk seriously and monitor it closely.

Topics: Finance