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European resilience

The CASCADES project will develop a multilevel governance framework to describe and support actions within Europe that build resilience to cascading climate impacts

Building resilience to cascading climate risk is an imperative for Europe. In order to deliver effective policy support, as well as external actions that seek to build systemic resilience internationally and globally. We will study and map the policy messages that emerge from our analysis of trade, finance, development and foreign policy, among others, in order to develop a set of coherent, realistic but ambitious strategic policy recommendation for European actors, including private companies, member states and the European Union.

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  • Identify policies that are relevant to either the generation or management of cascading climate risks, assess their interactions and effects, and consider the overall coherence of policies, mechanisms and institutions across sectors and scales (within and beyond Europe)
  • Derive new insights into the governance of cascading climate risks in Europe: assessing the distribution and ownership of risk, the rights and responsibilities of different actors – including the capacity of governments to govern cascading risks that originate beyond their jurisdictions – and the division of labour between state and non-state actors, including the private sector.
  • Develop strategic and coherent policy recommendations to build European resilience to the cascading climate risks identified – accounting for tipping points, trade-offs and synergies – in collaboration with key European stakeholders. Recommendations will focus on the short-term (up to 2030s) and mid-term (up to 2050s) but with consideration also to the evolution of socio-economic and development challenges over the long-term (up to 2100).